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Silver and Solar Technology

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In 2016, the world hit a tipping point. For the first time, electricity from solar energy (and wind energy) was cheaper than electricity produced by burning fossil fuels.  Silver plays a vital role in the production of solar cells that produce electricity.

In 2016, Photovoltaic (PV) demand for silver was up 43% over the previous year, the strongest growth since 2010. It was driven by a 49% increase in global solar panel installations, fueled largely by a doubling of annual solar panel installations in China and the United States, according to the World Silver Survey 2017. Worldwide consumption of silver for photovoltaic reached a record 76.6 million ounces.

How is silver used in solar cells? Silver powder is turned into a paste which is then loaded onto a silicon wafer. When light strikes the silicon, electrons are set free and the silver – the world’s best conductor – carries the electricity for immediate use or stores it in batteries for later consumption.  Read More Here.

TOM CLOUD PRECIOUS METALS UPDATE: Silver Libertad, Chinese Gold-Backed Yuan & More

During this precious metals update, Tom Cloud discusses several important developments in the gold and silver markets. Tom first discusses the debate on the monetization of the Silver Libertad and the increased buying by investors of the Official Mexican silver coin.  Read more here.

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SILVER INVESTMENT: Outperformed Gold In This Major Sector

Precious metals investors may not be aware, but silver investment has seriously outperformed gold in this major market sector. Even though precious metals sentiment and sales are currently lower than they were over the past several years, this is only temporary pause before the market surges as the highly inflated stock market finally cracks [...]

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Silver in Batteries

Silver is an essential component in nearly every industry from chemical-producing catalysts to non-corroding electrical switches.  Silvers unique elemental properties virtually make it impossible to substitute and therefore its uses cover almost every sector in industrial application. (From the Silver Institute) Read More Here.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions regarding purchasing Silver Bullion:These are the most frequently asked questions that we receive at the Metalnexus: How do I know that Sasilver.co.za is legitimate? Verify us. It is easy to verify us, as our company, Centaurus, is an authorized dealer for the South African Mint. Feel free to contact the Mint as they [...]

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2017 Mint Issues

The latest Government Gazette has released a variety of Gold and Silver 2017 Issues. The Government has also approved the Silver, Platinum and Gold 2017 Krugerrands which will also be available in various sizes. 

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Interesting times in the Silver Market following Brexit


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10 Reasons to Invest in Silver

There are 10 reasons why silver has already out-paced gold and will continue to do so in the very near future, they are: Silver has not been hoarded, while gold has so that there is now more gold on the planet than silver. Moreover, the United States government has stockpiles of Gold but none of silver, [...]

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Is Silver beginning a new uptrend? 2016 may be the year of the metals.


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Some food for thought on which metal to invest in.


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