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Why buy Silver Bullion?

Why buy Silver Bullion?

Why buy silver bullion?

Silver is no longer Gold’s ‘little brother’ and has over the last few years really come into its own as a great store of wealth.

Top 5 reasons to buy bullion Silver:

  1. Its tangible: Silver, like Gold, is something tangible. It is real. You can hold it in your hand. It’s yours. By putting your funds into physical Silver bullion, you are protecting yourself against inflation and other risks associated with ‘paper money’. (Often referred to as ‘fiat’ currency)

  2. Silver stocks are diminishing: There is a finite amount of Silver on Earth and these stocks are steadily diminishing as Silver is used for thousands of different purposes, not just as an investment vehicle. Look around you, there is Silver everywhere. It is used in many industries and products. Countries like India and China are steadily buying up more Silver as well, and that bodes well for the future of the Silver market.

  3. Its affordable: Silver bullion provides an easy entry point into the metals market as it is more affordable than other precious metals like Gold and Platinum. By buying bulk, the price per Ounce is further reduced.

  4. It is easy to trade: Selling Silver is fast and easy and world famous brands like the American Eagle, Canadian Maple leaf and British Britannia can easily be sold worldwide at thousands of dealers.

  5. It is easy to store: Silver bullion coins and bars are compact and easy to store and transport. Packaging is designed to ensure ease of storage.


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